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NGC becomes Knowledge Partner of the Arab Thought Foundation

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We are very proud to announce our new partnership with the Arab Thought Foundation (ATF),  a leading international non-profit organization that aims at advancing Arab intellectual development through an open dialogue between the business community, academia and civil society.

Every year, the ATF organizes the prestigious “FIKR Conference”, a unique multistakeholder platform that brings together more than 800 Arab and international leaders. This year, FIKR12 will take place in Dubai on the 4th and 5th of December, and will be focused on the challenging topic:  “Enabling Job Creation in the Arab World”.

As an official ATF Knowledge Partner, NGC will have the honor to co-organize and moderate the “Entrepreneurship and Start ups” workshop (5th December) and to contribute to the strategic thinking and design of a special initiative. 

More to come soon on FIKR 12 and our collaboration with the ATF.

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Did you know…?

NGC in collaboration with the RIMAAL is proud to announce the launching of a new joint rubric on the relations between the Arab World and Latin America (AWLA/ الأولى): “Did you know…?”

The objective is to spread the word and create awareness among the larger public about the cultural diversity, historical depth, political relevance and growing economic significance of the links between Latin America and the Middle East.

Through weekly fun and meaningful anecdotes, statistics and images, we want to point at the tip of the iceberg of AWLA relations and incentivize readers to go deeper and beyond stereotypes.

You can follow us on twitter @ “NGCRIMAAL”, react, comment and propose! Continue reading

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NGC’s Publication in Les Carnets de l’Ifpo

NGC and the French Institute for the Near East (IFPO), a unique research center based in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, have started an informal collaboration to debate and share knowledge and analysis on the Middle East.

The IFPO is a French public research institution gathering researchers in three different departments: Contemporary Studies, Arab Medieval and Modern Studies, Archeology and History of Antiquity.

In this context, the IFPO published in its latest electronic issue NGC’s article on the Syrian crisis seen from South America (Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina). Continue reading

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Partnering up with Conectas in Sao Paolo

We are delighted to announce that NGC and Conectas have officially partnered up in an endeavor to build bridges between pro-democracy actors in the Arab world and South America.

Conectas is a key actor in the field of human rights and rule of law in Brazil and in the Global South.

Through its Justice Program, Conectas promotes strategic and public interest litigations. Since 2004, it has been filing amicus curiae briefs in legal cases involving fundamental rights being heard by the Supreme Federal Court (STF). It is now playing an active role in the context of the establishment of the Brazilian Truth Commission by President Rousseff to examine human-rights violations committed from 1946 to 1988, with a focus on the dictatorship.

At a global level, Conecats, which was granted consultative status with the ECOSOC-UN in 2006, and observer status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in 2009, aims at increasing the impact of human rights defenders and academics from the Global South (Africa, Asia and Latin America) through education, research, networking and advocacy activities. The NGO publishes Sur, a Human Rights Journal in English, Spanish and Portuguese to promote a critical debate on human rights issues from a Global South perspective.

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See you soon in Argentina, Brazil and Paris!


New Information Technologies and social media are wonderful communication tools but nothing replaces a real trip and face-to-face encounters and discussions in different languages and cultural contexts.

NGC is thus embarking on a long journey to Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Paris to meet with its strategic partners and members, craft new alliances, advance innovative initiatives and participate in two important international events.

We are looking forward to sit and talk with our partners from Emprendia in Buenos Aires, check the New Cities Foundation e-health project we coordinate in close cooperation with the Municipality of Rio and explore potential cooperation with Conectas in Sao Paulo, a Brazilian NGO playing a leading role in the field of Human Rights and the Rule of Law. We will then fly to Paris to brainstorm with the Arab Network for the Study of Democracy (ANSD) and Arabsthink on the situation in the Middle East.

We will be participating in the Living Labs Global Award 2012 in Rio the 2nd and 3rd of May and presenting the NFC e health Pilot Project, and then attend the amazing Summit the New Cities Foundation is organizing in Paris the 14-16 of May. Hope to see you there!

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NGC and Emprendia become Strategic Partners

Following a first stimulating encounter in Beirut with Pedro Tarak, former Avina manager and Co-founder of Emprendia, we decided to build a stronger relationship between our two organizations.

NGC and Emprendia are now strategic partners (

Emprendia is a company focused on business development and communications driven by sustainable prosperity and by cultural, social and ecosystem regeneration. It builds on a huge network of partners from the public and private sector in South America and around the world.

Emprendia seeks for solutions responsive to resource scarcity, ecological planetary boundaries and large scale social inequities. In a transition toward green and socially inclusive economies, Emprendia creates communities and public value with its clients, suppliers, competitors and strategic partners.


NGC Executive Director becomes advisor to the New Cities Foundation

NGC finds the approach of the New Cities Foundation stimulating,  innovative and very much in line with our principles.

We are looking forward to the first NCF summit in Paris, from the 14th-16th of May 2012 and will contribute  with advice, ideas and networks from South America and the Middle-East.