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NGC on BBC about Hezbollah and the Nuclear Deal

BBC Arabic asked NGC Director to discuss potential contacts between the US and Hezbollah, as well as Hezbollah’s positioning following the nuclear interim agreement between Iran and the P5+1.

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NGC on BBC to Discuss the Intervention in Syria

chemicalsNGC Managing Director was invited by the BBC World Have Your Say to participate in the Radio and TV program on the Syrian crisis.

Along with NGC, other participants from Moscow, London, the US and Syria discussed who was behind the chemical attacks in Damascus and how the international community should react.

The Radio debate (link here) focused on the option of a military intervention, in particular on a No Fly Zone Option, while the TV debate was centered on the issue of the responsibilities.

NGC Director explained why a chemical attack by the Syrian rebels or the djihadists was not a convincing scenario. She highligheted the cost of inaction and advocated for a limited no fly zone.

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Video Release of the NCF e-health Pilot in Rio

NGC is proud to present the video it produced for the New Cities Foundation (NCF) Pilot in Rio. Many thanks to all those who helped us and participated in this video.

Check and share!!

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NGC on BBC Arabic about Hezbollah’s Involvement in Syria

BBC Arabic reached out again to us on the sensitive question of Hezbollah’s military involvement in the battle of Al Quseir, a Syrian town (25 000 inhabitants) a few kilometers away from the Lebanese border. Over the past week, intense fighting has been reported around the town, between the rebels holding the city and the Syrian army supported by Hezbollah. al Quseir map small














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BBC interviews NGC on Hezbollah

hezbollah-flagOn February 6, BBC world asked NGC Director to participate from Beirut in the live radio program “Have your say” to discuss whether Hezbollah should be branded  a terrorist organization by the EU following the Bulgarian accusations implicating Hezbollah in the Burgas bombing.

The debate gathered other experts, including Anthony Glees, a security expert at the University of Bukcingham, Claude Moniquet, Director of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, as well as Davis Lewin, political director at the Henry Jackson Society.  To listen to the full debate, click here.

BBC Arabic (TV) also asked NGC Director to explain the French position regarding Hezbollah and the reasons for its opposition to adding  the Lebanese party to the EU terrorist list. to view the interview, click here.

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