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NGC becomes Knowledge Partner of the Arab Thought Foundation

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We are very proud to announce our new partnership with the Arab Thought Foundation (ATF),  a leading international non-profit organization that aims at advancing Arab intellectual development through an open dialogue between the business community, academia and civil society.

Every year, the ATF organizes the prestigious “FIKR Conference”, a unique multistakeholder platform that brings together more than 800 Arab and international leaders. This year, FIKR12 will take place in Dubai on the 4th and 5th of December, and will be focused on the challenging topic:  “Enabling Job Creation in the Arab World”.

As an official ATF Knowledge Partner, NGC will have the honor to co-organize and moderate the “Entrepreneurship and Start ups” workshop (5th December) and to contribute to the strategic thinking and design of a special initiative. 

More to come soon on FIKR 12 and our collaboration with the ATF.

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Did you know…?

NGC in collaboration with the RIMAAL is proud to announce the launching of a new joint rubric on the relations between the Arab World and Latin America (AWLA/ الأولى): “Did you know…?”

The objective is to spread the word and create awareness among the larger public about the cultural diversity, historical depth, political relevance and growing economic significance of the links between Latin America and the Middle East.

Through weekly fun and meaningful anecdotes, statistics and images, we want to point at the tip of the iceberg of AWLA relations and incentivize readers to go deeper and beyond stereotypes.

You can follow us on twitter @ “NGCRIMAAL”, react, comment and propose! Continue reading

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Middle East & South America – The Way Ahead


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In many different ways, the symposium co-organized by the Center University Saint Esprit of Kaslik (USEK)  and the RIMAAL (29-30 November) on the relations between the Middle East and South America was an eye-opener. It confirmed the massive potential of the trans-regional relation, the dynamism and ambitions of key stakeholders but also the long way still ahead of us.

During the event, the elements of this new South-South relationship literally crystallized under our eyes: new research avenues were identified (O. Dabene); future events and academic initiatives were announced and people from both continents met and clicked. We truly felt like pioneers. Continue reading

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International Symposium on relations between the Middle East and South America (Lebanon, Kaslik, 29th-30th November 2012).

We are really excited to participate in the upcoming event co-organized by two of our key partners, the RIMAAL research network and the Kaslik University Center for the Study of South America (CECAL) on a topic dear to our hearts:  the rapprochement between the Middle East and South America (detailed program and participants here).

The symposium will bring together international experts and academics to discuss the critical assessment of 10 years of South-South convergence. A multidisciplinary panel of 20 speakers will gather for two days from 10 different countries representing recognized institutions, including the Getulio Vargas Foundation (Brazil), DePaul University (Chicago), Science Po (Paris), Universidad de Cordoba (Argentina), the IHEAL (Paris), the UDEM (Mexico) and the University of Jordan. Continue reading

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NGC’s Publication in Les Carnets de l’Ifpo

NGC and the French Institute for the Near East (IFPO), a unique research center based in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, have started an informal collaboration to debate and share knowledge and analysis on the Middle East.

The IFPO is a French public research institution gathering researchers in three different departments: Contemporary Studies, Arab Medieval and Modern Studies, Archeology and History of Antiquity.

In this context, the IFPO published in its latest electronic issue NGC’s article on the Syrian crisis seen from South America (Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina). Continue reading

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Brainstorming in Buenos Aires

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During our stay in Buenos Aires, we met with our dear friend Pedro Tarak, a pioneer member of Avina and co-founder of Emprendia, and his colleague Guillermo Schulmeier, CEO of Emprendia.

Together, we discussed ways and means to reconcile economic profit and environmental protection. Legal regulation and categories are definitely a big part of the solution.

We agreed that, beyond protection and sustainable management, we should aim at life regeneration of areas that were depleted or polluted by human activities.

We also sat with our friends and NGC counterparts in Argentina to assess challenges and opportunities for NGC in the Middle East and South America.

We discussed new projects that would both represent our vision and maximize our added value in terms of knowledge, network and socio-economic impact.

Together, we came up with a new idea designed to tap into the human and economic potential of the Arab diaspora in South America in the context of the Arab revolutions.

We are very excited; the research phase has already started. We will keep you updated!

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See you soon in Argentina, Brazil and Paris!


New Information Technologies and social media are wonderful communication tools but nothing replaces a real trip and face-to-face encounters and discussions in different languages and cultural contexts.

NGC is thus embarking on a long journey to Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Paris to meet with its strategic partners and members, craft new alliances, advance innovative initiatives and participate in two important international events.

We are looking forward to sit and talk with our partners from Emprendia in Buenos Aires, check the New Cities Foundation e-health project we coordinate in close cooperation with the Municipality of Rio and explore potential cooperation with Conectas in Sao Paulo, a Brazilian NGO playing a leading role in the field of Human Rights and the Rule of Law. We will then fly to Paris to brainstorm with the Arab Network for the Study of Democracy (ANSD) and Arabsthink on the situation in the Middle East.

We will be participating in the Living Labs Global Award 2012 in Rio the 2nd and 3rd of May and presenting the NFC e health Pilot Project, and then attend the amazing Summit the New Cities Foundation is organizing in Paris the 14-16 of May. Hope to see you there!

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Update on the NCF e-health Project in Rio

We are happy to share with you a quick update of the NCF Pilot project in Santa Marta, following a field trip of the Project Manager to Rio from the 2nd to the 9th of March 2012.

Following a phase of in-depth legal, research and technological preparations, the New Cities Foundation Task Force we are managing is getting closer to concrete implementation.

Soon, we should be able to start testing and using the GE mobile health kit in the community to the benefice of the population of Santa Marta, in particular:

– Patients with mobility issues (handicapped, elderly, bedridden patients)
– Socially marginalized patients (mental conditions, extreme poverty)
– Patients with serious chronic conditions
– Pregnant women

We are thus developing a two-track approach: empowerment of public health services and citizens’ entitlement, in particular the most vulnerable and isolated patients.

We intend to work closely with the amazing team of the Family Clinic of Santa Marta and reach out to the community. You can check their great Facebook page:, a very useful and interactive tool for primary health care policies and prevention campaigns.

The NCF e health Task Force will be represented at the New Cities Summit in Paris, 14-16 May. We will keep you posted!

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Our First Year Anniversary

It’s already been a year!

In the past 12 months, we haven’t spared our efforts to build NGC.

We assembled a network  of first-class consultants. We are very proud to have them on board and are confident we will achieve great projects together.

We built alliances with key partners in the Middle East and South America, including the Arab Network for the Study of Democracy (ANSD) and Emprendia.

We have designed and are now managing the New Cities Foundation  pilot project on e-health in the favela of Santa Marta, Rio de Janeiro. Rosalie Marin, a postgraduate expert of the “pacification” process in the favelas of Rio, is currently coordinating the local Task Fore in close collaboration with the following actors:

–              The Municipality of Rio

–              General Electric

–               Cisco

–               Orange

–               The Family Clinic of Santa Marta

–               The University of State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ)

NGC’s first year was a success and we intend to do more and better in 2012.

We are currently working hard on an unprecedented  initiative on democratization processes in the Middle East and South America in partnership with the ANSD.

We’ll keep you posted!


NGC in Rio De Janeiro Manages NCF e-health Project

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The New Cities Foundation, a Swiss nonprofit organization dedicated to urban innovation in the 21st century, has entrusted New Generation Consulting with the implementation of a wonderful innovative project in Rio de Janeiro.

This ground-breaking pilot project aims at improving access to healthcare thanks to New Technologies for residents of the favela of Santa Marta, with the support of the Secretariat for Healthcare of the City of Rio de Janeiro.

Together, NGC, the Secretariat for Healthcare of Rio, NCF members GE, Cisco, Orange, the State University of Rio de Janeiro and MIT met at Rio City Hall and in Santa Marta to launch the initiative, the 6th and 8th of December.

The main objective of the project is to use mobile health technology provided for by GE, connected thanks to Cisco and integrated with the help of Orange in order to:

  • Facilitate access to primary healthcare services
  • Design a cost effective model for public finances
  • Improve the quality of health care delivery

We will keep you updated on the progresses of the e-health pilot project in Rio. You can also check on the website of NCF :