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Climate Change in the Arab World (2) – A Call for Action

Terrace farming in Yemen dating back to the 3rd Millennium BC

Terrace farming in Yemen dating back to the 3rd Millennium BC

Part 2 of our article on Climate Change in the Arab World highlights solutions and urgent actions needed to start adapting to climate change in the region.


Arab countries are located in a very arid region with the lowest freshwater resource endowment in the world. Fast demographic growth and climate change will dramatically increase the already severe water gap of the MENA region. Continue reading

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Climate Change in the Arab world: How much worse can it get?

aridI remember witnessing a surreal scene during an international Forum in Northern Europe, in 2011. A group of young Arab pro-democracy actors, heroes of the day, had been gathered for lunch break to meet with one of the Forum leaders. They were duly reminded of the importance of protecting the environment and asked to start promoting ASAP a “green agenda” for their countries. The Arab heroes, slightly taken by surprise, promised politely to do so.

How can you be so disconnected from the realities and preoccupations of the Arab peoples and be so right at the same time? Continue reading

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Islam and Environment

“So the Ark floated with them on the waves towering like mountains” 11:42

Those who care about the environment in the MENA region feel there is a great disconnection between global environmental discussions and local political realities in the Arab world. The attention is understandably more focused on the rise of Islamism and the fall of economic growth than on the melting of the Artic or the extinction of the last Galapagos turtle (RIP George[1]).

However, this hiatus is not a fatality and we would like to argue that a post-revolutionary Arab world where Islam plays a bigger role has a great potential and the duty to contribute to a more Sustainable Development. Continue reading

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