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Can Entrepreneurs save the Arab World?

The incredible media buzz around Chris Schroeder’s bookStartup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East” is, per se, a very telling fact. A new positive narrative on the MENA region is in the making: in the gloomy Arab winter of the failed revolutions, a bright glimmer of hope is emerging; despite everything, a new generation of daring entrepreneurs is carving out a future for the region.

The heroic figure of the individual rising up against all obstacles – institutions, conflicts, repression…- seems to satisfy simultaneously the liberalism of westerners, the orientalism of regional connoisseurs, Arab’s dignity and the need for international organizations to circumvent failing/”unfriendly” state institutions.

However, this opportune “positive thinking” on the Arab world entails a number of implicit assumptions that must be analyzed and questioned. In the context of the upcoming Fikr 12 Conference on “Enabling Job Creation in the Arab World” (Dubai, 4-5th December 2013), we would like to explore these assumptions.
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NGC becomes Knowledge Partner of the Arab Thought Foundation

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We are very proud to announce our new partnership with the Arab Thought Foundation (ATF),  a leading international non-profit organization that aims at advancing Arab intellectual development through an open dialogue between the business community, academia and civil society.

Every year, the ATF organizes the prestigious “FIKR Conference”, a unique multistakeholder platform that brings together more than 800 Arab and international leaders. This year, FIKR12 will take place in Dubai on the 4th and 5th of December, and will be focused on the challenging topic:  “Enabling Job Creation in the Arab World”.

As an official ATF Knowledge Partner, NGC will have the honor to co-organize and moderate the “Entrepreneurship and Start ups” workshop (5th December) and to contribute to the strategic thinking and design of a special initiative. 

More to come soon on FIKR 12 and our collaboration with the ATF.

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