Did you know…?

NGC in collaboration with the RIMAAL is proud to announce the launching of a new joint rubric on the relations between the Arab World and Latin America (AWLA/ الأولى): “Did you know…?”

The objective is to spread the word and create awareness among the larger public about the cultural diversity, historical depth, political relevance and growing economic significance of the links between Latin America and the Middle East.

Through weekly fun and meaningful anecdotes, statistics and images, we want to point at the tip of the iceberg of AWLA relations and incentivize readers to go deeper and beyond stereotypes.

You can follow us on twitter @ “NGCRIMAAL”, react, comment and propose!

Our inaugural “Did you know” post is dedicated to the memory of Oscar Niemeyer, the Brazilian architect of South-South cooperation. Did you know about his amazing pieces in Algeria and Lebanon?

Algeria was his main workshop after Brazil. He built four buildings, including the gorgeous Olympic Dome and the Boumediene University.

In Lebanon, his mysterious architectural complex in Tripoli was interrupted in 1975 by the civil war. Since then, it was abandoned and is quietly decaying. To learn more about this, check here and there.

Lebanon, Tripoli arcades

Lebanon, Tripoli arcades

Lebanon, Tripoli pyramide

Lebanon, Tripoli pyramid

Algeria, Boumediene University

Algeria, Boumediene University

Dome in landscape, Algeria

Dome in landscape, Algeria

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