International Symposium on relations between the Middle East and South America (Lebanon, Kaslik, 29th-30th November 2012).

We are really excited to participate in the upcoming event co-organized by two of our key partners, the RIMAAL research network and the Kaslik University Center for the Study of South America (CECAL) on a topic dear to our hearts:  the rapprochement between the Middle East and South America (detailed program and participants here).

The symposium will bring together international experts and academics to discuss the critical assessment of 10 years of South-South convergence. A multidisciplinary panel of 20 speakers will gather for two days from 10 different countries representing recognized institutions, including the Getulio Vargas Foundation (Brazil), DePaul University (Chicago), Science Po (Paris), Universidad de Cordoba (Argentina), the IHEAL (Paris), the UDEM (Mexico) and the University of Jordan.

The key question will be whether and to what extend this relationship reveals the shaping of a new vision of international relations.

The discussions will cover three different topics:

1.      Inter-regional Power Games: Emergent Nations vs. Anti-establishment Diplomacies 

This first session will aim to decode various visions and the resulting power games between Brazil as an emergent power pretending to “speak on behalf of a global and progressive South” and other players such as Venezuela and Iran whose diplomacies are sometimes qualified as “anti-establishment”.

2.      The Economic Reality of Rising South-South Exchanges

While bi-regional trade is witnessing very fast progress, do the players respect their will to promote mutually beneficial bonds? Do economic interests align with political declarations about building a special relationship? Who, which countries and sectors really benefit from these developments.

3.      The South-South Mediation in Question: Middle-East Crises  from the Perspective of Latino-American Diplomacies

Deep mutations affecting the Middle-East have recently become a positioning matter for Latino-American diplomacies. Participants will analyze South American perceptions and reactions to the Arab Spring and the rise of Islamist movements. NGC speakers will discuss in particular the potential and conditions for a South-South mediation whose features could bring added value to the region.

Join us in our discussions on these pioneering topics!

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