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Interview with opponents to the Syrian regime

NGC had the opportunity to meet with people directly involved or in touch with key actors of the Syrian revolution on the ground to discuss current status of the Syrian conflict, its international aspects and the potential scenarios for the coming months.

We first tried to get a clearer idea of the balance of power on the ground. Many observers believe Syria is sinking into a long lasting Lebanese-style civil war with a regime still strong and ready to fight until the bitter end an opposition growing more violent and religious day by day. Continue reading

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Islam and Environment

“So the Ark floated with them on the waves towering like mountains” 11:42

Those who care about the environment in the MENA region feel there is a great disconnection between global environmental discussions and local political realities in the Arab world. The attention is understandably more focused on the rise of Islamism and the fall of economic growth than on the melting of the Artic or the extinction of the last Galapagos turtle (RIP George[1]).

However, this hiatus is not a fatality and we would like to argue that a post-revolutionary Arab world where Islam plays a bigger role has a great potential and the duty to contribute to a more Sustainable Development. Continue reading

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